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415 Jarvis St
Toronto, ON, M4Y 2G6

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Destination wedding photographer team based between Berlin and Toronto, specializing in weddings, engagements, portraits, couples, travel and lifestyle

San Sebastian Wedding Photographer | Winter Travels in Donostia


Destination Wedding Photographer | Isos Photography 

San Sebastian Wedding Photographer | Winter Travels in Donostia

Isos Photography

fotografo de bodas en san sebastian

Photographing weddings brings us great joy, but we also love travelling to, photographing, and sharing our favourite destinations. The romance of Spain is hardly lost on us, with each region possessing it's own charms - Basque Country is no different.

Of course San Sebastian is a bustling beach town in the summer, but in the winter it was a whole world of fantastical landscapes, shades, hues, and colours that the summer crowd might not be familiar with. The quick changing weather, the constant sound of the waves beating the beach as the ocean crashes in from the Bay of Fundy, the echoes of Basque and Spanish as you hop from pintxos bar to pintxos bar eating such an array of delicious foods - it's all enough to make your head spin with delight (and not just from all the wonderful wine)! We truly fell in love with the drama of the Euskadi countryside. We sincerely hope we are fortunate enough to return again to photograph a love story between people on their wedding day, and not just our own love story with yet another region of Spain.


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