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Destination wedding photographer team based between Berlin and Toronto, specializing in weddings, engagements, portraits, couples, travel and lifestyle

Travel Photography | The Wild West: Wyoming and Utah


Destination Wedding Photographer | Isos Photography 

Travel Photography | The Wild West: Wyoming and Utah

Isos Photography

To be honest, neither of us quite expected to fall quite so in love with the rugged landscapes of America's wild west. That being said, with one half of the Isos team being a total American history nerd, driving through landscapes which had only been read about was an exercise in not boring everyone else with details about why all these gorgeous wide-open spaces are so interesting. (That and avoiding the desire to pronounce all city names like a cast member of Deadwood - the struggle was real.)

Here we have Part II of our travel posts from our adventures in the South West, this time from the land of cowboys, and covered wagon. Wyoming was so fresh and gorgeous, and our brief foray into Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Flats made us interested in heading back to Utah some day to see more! 

Check back again soon for something completely different this time from Nevada and California - but for now enjoy Wyoming and Utah!

Prints from our adventures in Wyoming and Utah are available here - click on through!