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415 Jarvis St
Toronto, ON, M4Y 2G6

+49 152 58403689

Destination wedding photographer team based between Berlin and Toronto, specializing in weddings, engagements, portraits, couples, travel and lifestyle

About Us

Isos Photography | Destination Wedding Photographers | About 

Isos Photography is a documentary style wedding photography team with a passion for all the people and places put in front of our lenses, some of which has been featured on Junebug Weddings, the Pretty Blog, Hochzeitsguide, Ever-Ours and more. Isos is made up of photographers Lisa Bennett and Fulya Lisa Neubert who live, work, and travel from Berlin and Toronto. Isos Photography was born out of a dream by two young photographers from very different backgrounds, yet who both share the desire to photograph life in all the moments that make it truly beautiful. 

Lisa Bennett

Fulya Lisa Neubert

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I am Lisa and I take photos. I love coffee, the Onion’s headlines, and podcasts.

I suppose I always loved fine arts, but as anyone who has this desire to create knows, picking a medium to express yourself is a big, life shaping decision. However, from the first time I looked through a viewfinder, framed, focused, and snapped a photo, I knew this was it. Photography was portable, human, and just the right combination of technicality and emotion.

I was born into a large, rambunctious, quick witted family of over-achievers, who really were my first subjects and my inspiration to pick up a camera and try to keep up.  I truly feel right at home photographing weddings, and families, as it reminds me a great deal of all the years I spent snapping photos of many wild family adventures with all my siblings.  The freedom photography has allowed me to travel the world, and make friends from so many backgrounds and cultures is something I’d never trade in. 

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I am Fulya and I take photos. I love potatoes, minimalism, and straight lines.

In school I knew photography interested me, but after I graduated it quickly became my obsession. I learned everything I could about the varieties of styles, the techniques, the breakthroughs and all the possibilities. Photography came naturally, and I loved everything about it. Thank god for the internet and the resources available to those who want to learn.

Since then photography has taken me more places than I could have ever imagined, and allowed me to meet so many amazing people - something a shy person like myself treasures immensely.  Being able to take part in the celebrations of life, and being awarded the chance to capture them all over the globe, has only cemented my love for taking photos and all it can do.

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